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Costa Mesa, CA - Weight Gainers, What's Best For Me?

Gaining quality weight isn’t easy. If you attempt to gain weight and think it’s going to happen fast you’re walking into it with the wrong mindset. Change it. It takes the persistence of properly building up a savings account as largely as possible which requires time and saving little by little.

Before we get into the recommended weight gainers it’s important to get one other mindset correct. We need to debunk the Myth of Bulking as taught by the late Charles Poliquin. What this means is that a person should NOT get fat while bulking or strive to put on high amounts of fat during bulking. The more fat mass we have the more of an enzyme called aromatase is created. This enzyme reduces the amount of testosterone in males and females which in turn creates more estrogen and signals the body to store fat at a faster rate. Without getting into the complexity of that science the short point to take home is that if we want to add quality muscle, then we need to get lean. Staying lean signals growth and the right growing hormones more than staying fatter.

With all that said, the question is, “What weight gainer would be best for me?”

We can break down weight gainers into two categories. Lean Gainers (low glycemic) and Fast Gainers (high glycemic).

Lean Gainers (low glycemic) assist in giving our bodies protein, carbs, and fats in a powder that do NOT raise our insulin very high. This is important as insulin is the master fat storage hormone and while this hormone is active it prevents fat to be used for energy. Remember, the more fat we store, the more we produce an enzyme that lowers testosterone and increases estrogen. With this increase in estrogen we increase fat mass further. Lean Gainers keep fat mass as low as possible while adding muscle and generally have low to no sugar in them.

Three incredible options for lean gainers would be the Redcon1 MRE, IFN Mass Gainz, and PE Science Smart Mass.

MRE features all animal based protein sources, oats and sweet potato as carb sources, and healthy fats. It has a 1.5-1 carb to protein ratio which is very lean and mean for most looking to gain quality lean size.

Mass Gainz features whey protein, oats and quinoa as carb sources, and MCT oils for fats. It’s 6 simple ingredients and has incredible milkshake like flavors. It has a 2-1 carb to protein ratio which is also very lean and mean for most looking to gain quality lean size.

PE Science Smart Mass features a time released whey and casein protein sourced blend, very slow releasing carbs as pea, oat, and isomaltulose. This clean gainer also doesn’t have any added fats for stronger control of the fats in the diet according to what your needs are.

Sounds like those are the only gainers anyone would ever need, right? Not necessarily. Fast Gainers have their place for a select group. If you’ve tried many different nutrition coaches, diets for weight gain, and still can’t seem to get the scale to budge then it’s time to consider a Fast Gainer. These gainers come with good proteins and a very high amount of carbohydrates to purposely spike insulin very high. Insulin is the most anabolic hormone, which means it can accumulate muscle faster than any other hormone. Insulin builds muscle quicker at a price, faster fat storage. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass and Dymatize Super Mass Gainer are two great options here.

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass and Dymatize Super Mass Gainer both feature high protein and specific carbohydrates focused on increasing insulin in the form of maltodextrin. These weight gainers feature a high caloric amount of carbohydrates and in a 4-1 ratio to protein.

We carry well over 20 different weight gainers and options for your lean or fast gaining needs. If you have any questions please come into our Fullerton, CA or Costa Mesa, CA Superstores and any of our Certified Nutrition Coaches will be happy to assist!