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Fullerton, CA – Nutrition Industry News: #1 Secret To Fat Loss, Manage the Hormone Insulin

When we think of losing fat most of us usually start reversing some of the bad habits that lead to the initial weight gain. We start going to the gym, we stop eating fast food, count calories, we cut the alcohol, we start going to bed on time, etc. For a period of 1-2 weeks, we experience a decent reduction of weight then we hit the dreaded plateau and stop losing. We think at that point that we burned 2,000 calories we counted that we only ate 1,600 but the scale isn’t budging and the clothes are fitting the same. What could be going on? The culprit is usually the hormone called insulin. It’s the #1 war we want to win in the weight loss battle and body composition battle.

Odd we focus on hormones first, right? Well, not really. Hormonal imbalances can wreak havoc on anyone’s body. In women, earlier in life, hormonal imbalances in the menstrual cycle can change your mood, water retention, cause bleeding, change eating patterns, change sleeping patterns, rapid weight fluctuations, and much more. Many of those changes are also experienced, some differently, in menopause as well. In men, hormonal imbalances such as low testosterone cause fat gain, muscle loss, fatigue, loss of libido, hair loss, sleep disorders, and do we need to go further? Hormones can make a BIG impact on our health, especially focusing on insulin when reducing body fat for weight loss.

Why is insulin stopping reductions in body fat for weight loss?

In the most general terms, insulin is the master fat storage hormone and PREVENTS stored fat from being used for energy. Insulin is released by the body when sugar levels are high in the blood. There are also some foods not very high in calories and low in sugar that increase insulin. Usually, insulin rises most aggressively when sugars are eaten, or too big of a meal is eaten and some calories from that big meal were excessive and converted to blood sugar which is then stored by insulin as fat.

Ways to keep insulin lowered

Eating Habits

Sugars have to be eliminated and portion control needs to be consistent. Blood sugar spikes that lead to insulin increases come from sugar and the sugar the body makes from too many calories in a meal.

Chromium, Cinnamon, Bitter Melon, Gymnema Sylvestre

Taking chromium allows our body to absorb more nutrients with less insulin. It makes the existing insulin more effective and that means fat loss may occur much easier. Our bodies can run low on chromium if we haven’t been taking good care of our insulin levels, therefore, supplementation helps greatly here. Two very good products to take would be NOW Foods Chromemate and Nutrabio Chromium GTF. Both are highly absorbable forms of chromium that greatly increase the levels in our body.  Cinnamon, a very popular spice, has a great ability to keep blood sugars stabilized which also assist in keeping insulin levels managed properly. It can be used in cooking or taken in a supplement. Bitter Melon lowers blood sugar like cinnamon, and when the sugar is lower less insulin is released in the body. Gymnema Sylvestre is very unique in that it lessens the sweetness of foods, resulting in fewer sugar cravings. It also reduces sugar absorption in the digestive tract lowering the overall effect of insulin. We carry all of these sugar optimizing and insulin managing ingredients. They range from the $5 to $20 range for each herb and size.

All of these products are great and now there is a blend of products that ensure you’re getting the benefits of all of these key ingredients.

Glucose Disposal Agents

Redcon1 classifies this as a glucose disposal agent and for good reason, it ensures the sugar is managed so the insulin acts normally. It can be taken for weight loss to get glucose managed and insulin in order and correct issues that come when trying to put on weight during a bulking phase. It also includes another powerhouse sugar management compound called Berberine which helps control sugars and cholesterol and lipids alike. Each ingredient had a very good reason for its inclusion and in great dosages. Until sugars and carbs are managed properly in the diet I’d recommend taking 1 pill with each meal that has carbs in it.

We have many other ingredients and glucose disposal agents that are able to assist in your goal of proper weight loss. Please feel free to come by our Fullerton, CA or Costa Mesa, CA Superstore to discuss which products would be best to accommodate any fitness goals you may have.