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Fullerton, CA – Nutrition Store News: Top Prenatal Supplements for Expecting Mothers

Pregnancy is one of the most miraculous and exciting times of parents lives, especially the mothers! We’re eagerly awaiting the ultrasounds to see if it’s a boy or a girl, picking the colors for baby’s bedroom, finding the perfect Baby Einstein toy that will unlock our child’s full mind and potential upon birth, and doing everything in our power to be ready for baby’s arrival.

We all want the best nutrition for baby and mom during and post pregnancy but what does that specifically mean? We hear that we should have healthy proteins, fruit & vegetables, and healthy fats and those are the cornerstones of great health but what could we be missing? Here’s a list that Kaili and I worked on for our son Ryker.  Our Dr’s loved our list and I hope yours agree!


We all want the baby to be as smart as possible and during our research we learned about how iodine deficiency can lower baby’s IQ along with being one culprit in low birthweight. After researching Dr. Jorge Fletchas and his study of Japanese women consuming 13.8mg of Iodine a day safely we became empowered to supplement as we did not eat that much seaweed as Japanese women have access to. A company called Optimox creates a product called Iodoral 12.5mg that Kaili took during her entire pregnancy. Not only is iodine essential for baby’s proper brain formation it helps Mom too! Iodine is essential for Mom’s metabolism and proper thyroid function keeping her healthy during and after pregnancy. Some mothers may be able to benefit from lowering certain muscle pains in the body due to the increase of iodine in the body. The muscle store about 20% of the body’s iodine and the deficiency can cause pains in the muscles which may be difficult to pinpoint as we usually think it’s a protein deficiency or other cause. Iodine will also block the metabolism disrupting effects of bromide which is now found as an additive in many bakery goods and wheat products, soft drinks, plastics, and even pool treatments. There are many more great reasons for mom and baby to have sufficient iodine and we hope you look further into this amazing mineral.

Omega 3 – DHA and EPA

Outside of minerals, there are essential and extremely important Omega DHA/EPA fats that Kaili, Ryker, and your baby need every day. The human brain requires DHA to function properly and is made of 60% fat. Ryker needed mom to provide DHA for proper brain development, boosting IQ later in life, and eye development. DHA is also extremely important for proper inflammation management working with the EPA that high-quality fish oils contain. Kaili was very active during pregnancy and exercised appropriately all until our Drs suggested slow down or start bed rest. When exercising Kaili, like other moms, started to experience inflammation because Ryker was now growing larger and added weight to her body. EPA, part of the Omega 3 fats in fish oil, is directly responsible for calming down inflammation specifically joint and ligament pains, and inflammation is no stranger to expecting moms. With all that Kaili and I knew we had to find a high-quality source of DHA. We landed on 2 fish oils and 1 plant-based Omega Oil. Wiley’s Finest was the omega of choice due to the high potency, quality, and cost-effectiveness. The Peak Omega 3 at 1-2 tsp per day was the trick for her. When unavailable we went with another very high-quality brand Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega at the same 1-2 tsp per day.

Kaili also used Flora’s Udo’s Oil as a plant-based raw organic and vegan omega for Ryker. The way Udo’s Oil is made it helps with an Omega 6 called GLA to help with inflammation. Instead of always using extra virgin olive oil as part of Kaili’s salad dressings. A good dressing she would make would be Balsalmic Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Udo’s Oil (1 tbsp), Italian Seasoning or No Salt Seasoning, fresh cracked pepper and salt over a bed of organic greens. This is great to add to a few salads throughout the week.

Prenatal Vitamins

Nothing beats organic non-gmo fruits and vegetables for Kaili, Ryker, and your baby’s vitamin and mineral needs but how do we get them all? The general rule of thumb is 8-12 fruits and vegetables every day and trying to get most of the colors in the rainbow. Although extremely good advice, it’s very difficult to properly do. It’s usually advised to take a prenatal to meet all nutrient demands and not have deficiencies. Here’s a short list of vitamins in most prenatal vitamins and why they’re so incredibly important:

Vitamin A –Supports Vision, Eye Development, allowing differentiating cells to convert into major tissues B1 – Assists the Autonomic Nervous System, Sufficient levels are thought to prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) D3 – Bone Health and Development along with Immunity Vitamin C – Proper Collagen Formation, Immunity Manganese – Supports Proper Skeletal Formation Copper – Supports the proper development of the lower back curvature

So which prenatal vitamin? We’re big fans of whole food vitamins where the vitamins must come from whole fruits, vegetables, and foods. Garden of Life makes the Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal which is raw, organic, and non-gmo whole foods vitamin sources. Another incredibly high-quality option for expecting mothers is Megafoods Baby & Me.

We hope that this was very informative and helped clarify some of the major nutritional needs that expecting mothers and baby need for the best chance at optimal development. From our family to yours we hope you have an amazing, wonderful, and healthy pregnancy.

Kaili and I (Chris) are available at either OC Discount Nutrition Superstore location in Fullerton or Costa Mesa to help assist with any questions you may have about the supplements used for Kaili and Ryker. We encourage you to do as much research as you are able for your specific and individual pregnancy needs and never forget to check in with your health care professional and never delay seeking a healthcare professional’s advice.


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