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Vasodilators (vay-zo-dye-lay-tor or va-zo-dye-lay-tor), also known as pump or nitric oxide products, are a category of sports nutrition products that simply increase blood flow. They are usually part of a preworkout performance blend and most contain zero caffeine or stimulants.

Why blood flow with vasodilators for performance?

When we improve blood flow we simply increase the speed in which oxygen and nutrients are able to move throughout the body for better performance. Vasodilators allow our arteries and veins to dilate, or open up wider, so blood is able to get to where it needs to go faster! It’s very simple and very effective for any sports discipline.

Whether you’re trying to improve endurance through cardiovascular training, working to improve strength through weightlifting, speed through agility and power training, there is no reason to have less blood flow. Put it this way no performance athlete ever went to go train and told themselves, “To be my best today, I’d like to reduce blood flow.” Crazy to say that right?!

Most vasodilators, or nitric oxide products, use either NO2, NO3, or a blend of the two technologies for their performance benefits. Most NO2 products use L-Citrulline, Agmatine Sulfate, or Arginine as their active ingredients to improve blood flow. Most NO3 products use Sodium Nitrate, Potassium Nitrate, Beet Root Crystals (highly concentrated and not powder), or amino acids bonded to nitrates such as Arginine Nitrate (yes it’s NO2 & NO3) or other.

Which is better between NO2 or NO3?

It depends on the individual. Some users feel much better results with NO2 and others feel much better results.

My personal favorite at the time of writing this article is Vasoblitz by Build Fast Formulas. It contains an industry leading dosage of both NO2 and NO3 to make sure blood flow is maximized. They have an unflavored version as well as many delicious flavors such as Rainbow Candy, Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Strawberry Berry, and many more. At $30 per unit it’s truly the best value on the market today. The IFN Hemavo2 Max is another incredible NO2/NO3 product which is similar in it’s effectiveness.

For NO2 formulas PE Science High Volume and 5% Nutrition’s Full AF really shine. Both brands offer incredible flavors and incredible user reports as to the effectiveness of these products.

For the absolute best blood flow, specifically with a high L-Citrulline product, try adding Glutathione Reduced (tim released) to that L-Citrulline based NO2 product. The Glutathione Reduced stops the breakdown of nitric oxide and allows the blood flow to be sustained in a time released fashion. Glutathione is also an important anti-aging antioxidant and is also helpful in post workout recovery as well!

For NO3 Products Salus Beet Root Crystals and Purus Labs Noxygen work very well. Salus happens to be organically sourced beet root and is absolute favorite among omnivorous and vegan fitness enthusiasts choosing to use all organic certified ingredients.

I’d also highly recommend Vitamin C with any NO3 product. Vitamin C allows NO3 to work more effectively in the body and also assists the NO3 in improving better blood flow. Taking additional Vitamin C also has a multitude of immune boosting benefits.

We carry all of these products at our Fullerton, CA and Costa Mesa, CA superstores and our on staff Nutrition Coaches would be more than happy to assist you with any questions on vasodilators to improve athletic performance.